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My Discoveries Over the Years

Same Line Patterns, Irrespective of Cultural Differences Between People of Different Nationalities?

Same Line Patterns for Same Functions, Reflected in the Palms of all the People in the World, Irrespective of Their Nationalities / Races / Cultures etc. :

  • Indian Wisdom is Applicable to all the People in the World Irrespective of Nationality, Religion, Race, Culture Etc.
  • The reason is -The formation of lines on the palms is due to the thought processes that take place in human brain.
  • The entire human race react in the same way to each and every life situation.
  • Maybe, the degree of impact could vary slightly or moderately in people belonging to different countries having different cultures.
  • Overall, the capacity to react to the life events in particular ways remains exactly the same for all the people in the universe.
  • We could always take into account different cultures in different countries and make very slight alterations in the predictions (Degree of impact factor).
  • Thus, we can say with 100 % accuracy that Line patterns for love failure is same for all the people [ the difference is one of degrees] It also holds good for other function like-marital discord, employment changes, business investment losses, foreign travel/stay, love success/failure, premature death of parents/ spouse/children, disappointments/ huge grievances in life, all kinds of major diseases etc.



  • I have Thrown in Enough Number of Proofs in My Notes to Support all My Theories.
  • My Discoveries are Entirely Different from Traditional Palmistry [and the people all over the world are going to read a new but excitingly verifiable science of palmistry first time in their lives]
  • My Notes have Very High Utility Value Which Would Enable the People to Keep the Notes as a Ready-reckoned for Taking Vital Decisions in Their Lives.

In Areas such as Finance, Business, Employment, Foreign Travel, Love, Marriage, Vital Diseases etc.

Broad Classification of My Notes :

I have Classified Them Under the Following Broad Headings :

  • Events
  • Temperament / Nature
  • Diseases

Broad Framework of My Notes (Bare Statistics)
  • Standard Rules & Guidelines of line patterns which are found on the human palms and which could be applied by the palmists during predictions. (more than 150)
  • Case Studies (more than 150 cases)
  • Clear Palm Impression (more than 150)
  • Palm Sketches (more than 400)

Some of My Disputations of Long-held Beliefs Which are Found in Traditional Books On Palmistry :
  • Sloppy Head Line Does Not in Any Way Indicate "Imaginative Bent of Mind" as is Believed By all the People.
  • Straight Head Line Does Not in Any Way Indicate "Practical Bent of Mind" as is Strongly Believed By all the People.

Just a Sample of My Numerous Arguments Against Traditional Palmistry and in Favour of Modern Palmistry of Mine :

If the Head Line Could Say So Many Vital Things About Human Lives such As :

  • MONEY (Richness, lending (unrecoverable) money, loan repayments towards assets purchased, business investment etc., huge family expenditures or other expenditures, business losses, the quantum of those losses (all could be predicted well in advance of actual occurrence of the very events)
  • LOVE
  • PRE-MATURE DEATH OF NEAR AND DEAR ONES, and many other useful things in human lives, then why should WE cling on to traditional palmistry?

Due to paucity of serious untraditional research material we people had to assume all these centuries that -"as important a line as the head line could say only about very ordinary and fewer (and not practically and commercially useful) things like imagination, thinking or brain/ mind-related disorders" and nothing else ???

But people can now see for themselves How Many Important Roles, the Head Line is Called Upon to Play, Reflecting More Than 12 Major Functions (relating to finance, marriage, pre-mature death of dear ones, love, bone-related disorders, gynecological disorders etc.)

Intelligence, Memory, Imagination etc. are Never Indicated Anywhere On Our Palm :

Traditional Palmistry maintains that "head line indicates brain activity, intelligence, memory etc. But that point itself is fundamentally wrong.

Our Head Line Never Indicates Any of Our Mental Faculties such as Memory, Intelligence, Imagination etc.

To quote one example (from traditional palmistry), it is wrong to say that the straight head line indicates practical bent of mind; again it is wrong to say that the slopy head line indicates imaginative bent of mind.

These are just the kinds of our thinking ( practical thinking, imaginative thinking). These are the vehicles or the frameworks with the help of which we try to solve problems.

That is all. But, mere thinking is not enough to bring about changes in the direction, length or orientation of the head line on our palm.

When Actually the Dimension (Length, Slope, Direction etc.)?

But, the strains put on our brain in the course of our lives while doing financial activities,

or experiencing conflicts in marriage, pangs of love failures etc, etc. create negative thought processes which in turn get transmitted to our palm as deviation of normal line patterns / formation of new patterns etc. (Here the deviation means change from "normal" pattern. That means, dimensions such as length, direction, slope, thickness etc. get modified in order to reflect particular events)

Where Traditional Palmistry Has Gone Wrong Fundamentally?

Traditional palmistry, in most part, is not scientifically provable. Again Traditional palmistry has missed a very very very vital point.

That is-Not just the head line but all other major lines on the palm work cohesively, unitedly or, if required, isolatedly to reflect the negative thought processes that are born out of negative responses to impactful events that happen in the lives of human beings.

Traditional palmistry seem to view predictive aspects of lines in "isolated sense" (and not in united or cohesive sense as in modern palmistry of mine)

Traditional palmistry does not say even a single thing that I have enumerated above Nor does it have (in most part) coherent theories, which could be proved scientifically.

Shockingly, more than 90 % of traditional palmistry can not be depended upon as they can not be proved.

I can disprove most of those theories in 2 ways.

To Quote One Example :

If the length of the life line were to indicate longevity or life span (according to traditional theory), then I can prove that theory as wrong)

  • By bringing an old lady (whose palm I saw last week) aged 90 years, having a shortened life line. (She should have died in early 50's if the break in her life line were any indication of her premature death. But that didn't happen)
  • By bringing a baby which is dead but in whose hand there is a full length life line.

If traditional theory were to be correct, then that baby should not have had any trace of life line at all.

This goes to prove that, length of the life line has nothing to do with the life span of an individual.

Likewise, I can produce any number of proofs to disprove many theories of traditional palmistry.

After going through my arguments (I have only given just a few hints of my arguments), and also after learning Palmistry through my college or reading my book titled" Palmistry, a true science" readers will have a fair idea of which palmistry is the best.

Whether traditional or modern palmistry ?

Undoubtedly, Modern palmistry is 100 % scientific and is most likely to spread all over the world and the traditional palmistry will fade away (because of its unscientific nature)

Why Palmistry is a Science On Par with Physics, Medical Science etc.
  • I have re-discovered more than 90% of the entire subject.
  • I have analyzed the exact function (s) of many lines and, wherever required, have given new names to some of them.
  • I have overhauled the entire subject to such an extent that the tag 'art of palmistry' should be deleted forthwith and replaced with 'science of palmistry'.
  • All the theories have been subjected to acid test by me during my research in order only to make this subject look like any other science subject like physics, medical science etc.

Now, I am in a position to answer scientifically to all or any questions that could be posed to me by any people.

In fact, there was not much of a development in the world of palmistry until I published my book.

My Discoveries Strongly Rest on :
  • A number of proofs for each and every pattern discovered by me,
  • Clear palm impressions [with the lines marked out and functions indisputably mentioned]
  • Derivation of Basic patterns that actually exist for each aspect of the life activities such as finance, marriage, love, employment etc.
  • Variations to each of the basic patterns .etc.

How Palmistry Has a Great Edge Over Astrology ?

"I Have Made Palmistry from a Fledgling Science Into An Advanced Science" of world reputation.

Now, palmistry can compete with astrology in the matter of giving "convincing" predictions / interpretations.

It has even beaten astrology with regard to the possibility of prediction in some spheres of human activities like employment, overseas travel etc.

Astrologers could learn palmistry and become full-fledged astro-palmists, which would make them more successful fortune-tellers.